These days, marketing materials for camcorders typically claim zoom levels of 500x to 800x. Is it possible to zoom within that range with these electronic video cameras? Well, not really!

When you see the zoom level in a camcorder’s product details, you should know that it’s a blend of two forms of zoom. So, you’re going to be choosing a preferred form of zoom and then get that type of Zoom’s level of magnification. You’ll get a lot of zooming power, but not as much as the marketing materials may have led you to believe you’d get!

The two types of zoom are digital zoom and optical zoom. Today, we’re going to explain each type of zoom…

Hard Facts About Digital Zoom

Every digital image is made off of a bunch of pixels. A digital zoom feature will take the pixels and make them bigger. While a digital zoom will make an image appear to be closer to you, using loads of digital zoom will lead to loss of clarity. This means distortion and blurriness. If you zoom completely by utilizing digital zoom, your pixels may start to resemble squares which are small. For this reason, we recommend maxing out at two hundred or three hundred.

Also, when you use digital zoom, your camcorder movements may appear to be a bit exaggerated. If you want to use digital zoom for video with movement, you should consider buying and using a tripod. Some seasoned videographers turn off digital zoom when they shoot. They do it to keep the quality of their footage as high as it can be.

Now, let’s talk about optical zoom…

This type of zoom is the kind that is found on old 35-millimeter cameras. Optical zoom happens when a lens moves in and out and takes you closer to your preferred subject matter. This is “real zoom.” We think it’s the better zoom option. If you’re interested in getting a lot of zooming power, you’ll be smart to find a new camcorder with a high level of optical zoom capability. It’s better than the digital kind because it doesn’t degrade image quality in the same ways.

As you can see, the amount of zoom promised by the marketing materials is a combo of optical zoom and digital zoom. The big number is meant to impress you. Remember to look at the levels of zoom for each zoom type. You’ll want higher optical than digital if you have to choose.

Optical Zoom is Very Useful

We think that you’ll get more creative power from finding a camcorder with a great level of optical zoom. You’ll have the power to zoom in without needing to worry about blurriness and the other pitfalls of digital zoom. While both types of zoom have their place, when it comes to digital zoom versus optical zoom, optical is the clear winner.

Now is the right time to shop for a new camcorder. Since you’ll now have the power to cut through the marketing hype, you won’t be expecting 800 hundred x zoom from a new camcorder. You’ll know that the camcorder manufacturer is talking about both types of zoom put together.

In general, we recommend a model with the highest amount of optical zoom capability that you can find. It should be a camcorder from a trusted brand, with all of the right features (including optical zoom), great customer reviews and a competitive price. Also, it should have a strong warranty. When it comes to digital zoom, three hundred x should be more than enough.

Camcorders are such a great way to capture so many moments and environments. They may be used creatively or for an array of practical applications. Most people use them to record special moments on trips and special events, such as family gatherings.

When you find a model with sufficient optical zoom, you’ll be able to get in close without blurring your footage. If you use too much digital zoom, you may end up regretting it later. Optical zoom is the real thing, and a good level of it should be available via your camcorder.

Now that you know the facts, why not shop for a camcorder today?